Hot sauce!

Get officially branded Sable Sylvan hot sauce today! Sauces are ordered via Zazzle, featuring sauces made by Mo Hotta, Mo Betta.

Try Alice’s “Secret Sauce (jalapeno), Abby’s “Awesome Sauce”, Addison’s “No Bullshizz Sauce”, Kai’s “Fated Mate Sauce” (Cayenne Garlic), or Sav’s “Alpha Sauce” (Red Savina Habanero Sauce) today!

$9.94 per bottle


Get officially branded Sable Sylvan teas today!
There are flavored, unflavored, herbal, green, rooibos, and black teas. There’s one tea available for each Sable Sylvan title. Orders are fulfilled, from start to finish, by Adagio Teas.
Sample tins and full size tins come with collectible Sable Sylvan teas. Pouches do not come with tins. You can get a discount for buying teas in pairs (OTeaP’s, visible on each tea’s webpage) or buying an entire sample set together (20% off the regular price).

Prices Vary Check out the complete collection on Adagio!

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Hot sauce! Tea! New to the site? Check out our Help Directory!

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